CVE-2021-41285: Crucial Ballistix MOD Utility v. <= - Multiple Privilege Escalation (LPE/EoP)

Severity: High

Crucial by Micron Technology, Inc Ballistix MOD Utility v.<= is vulnerable to multiple Privilege Escalation (LPE/EoP) vulnerabilities in the MODAPI.sys driver component.

All the vulnerabilities are triggered by sending specific IOCTL requests and will allow to:

  • Directly interact with physical memory via the MmMapIoSpace function call, mapping physical memory into a virtual address user-space.
  • Read/write Model-Specific Registers (MSRs) via the __readmsr/__writemsr functions calls.
  • Read/write 1/2/4 bytes to or from an IO port.

Attackers could exploit these issues to achieve local privilege escalation from low-privileged users to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.